Sunday, April 4, 2021


Just so you aren't scrolling forever, look on the right and pick a movie in the links section that you want to look at. Or, by all means, scroll away.

Like I said, this is just a dumping ground for images I've collected (many of them from the trailers). Enjoi.



Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed browsing through some of these screenshots. Thanks for taking the time to upload them!


Anonymous said...

Thank for posting all of these great stills.

Enis said...

Really great blog. Very inspiring! I also have lot of screen shots from various movies that you didnt upload here, if you want I could send it to you. My email is:

fredpalacio said...

fantastic way to remember films, composition or even discover new movies.

Check out The Fall,
Let the right one, (Swedish)
night on Earth (4 spoken language),
Nobody Knows (japan)

Great films visualy and emotionaly.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

thanks great blog, really usefull

Karaokero said...

awesome stills...thnx for post them!

Daniela Vetro said...

Amazing blog!
Thanks for posting all these screenshots.

Marcos Mateu said...

Great blog indeed Sam. A lot of work and it's all worth every frame of it!
Since you mention other similar blogs I'll also leave a link to's all about opening shots, cool!

Adam said...

Dude! Awesome blog! As a guy that's getting back into art, I find your blog invaluable as a resource for visual references to do quick paintings on Photoshop. You also have a fantastic eye for composition, and so all of the stills that you post are fantastic to paint from. It really saves me a lot of time, actually, so thank you!

Unknown said...

I'm working on a new blog Cinematography Picture Of The Day

Would it be all right for me to use some of the still you have pulled? I will credit your blog with a link.

I'm also looking for contributors!