Saturday, April 10, 2021


I make it habit to take screengrabs compulsively now, so I thought it'd be nice to share them with some friends. I called it "Frame Filter." Not everybody will see these movies, but it's still kinda nice to see some of the photography. Anyhow, enjoi.

ps. Here are some good links for extra knowledge about cinematography:
-Wiki cinematography
-Allen Daviau Interviews
-Another still frame site (hasn't been update in a while). Lots of film links on left side.
-Oscar List of Best Cinematography Nominees
-Moreabout lenses, angles, etc.
-The ASC
-A great video interview with Janusz Kaminski
-Awritten interview with Kaminski.
-Great Conrad L. Hall interview about Road to Perdition and his process in general.
Slawomir Interview

1000 Frames of Hitchcock

Indy Screen Grabs
Disney Screen Caps Thanks PBCBStudios!

Princess Mononoke Screen GrabsHERE and HERE and bigger ones HERE.

Here are some MORE anime screenshots.

Deakins interview from the Camera Guild.
And another DEAKINS interview from EW and THIS one from InDigest.

More Deakins


Great Visions of Light clip

Leave Me The White has an amazing amount of screen caps that are a nice high res.

The talented Lou Romano blog, CINEMOSAIC covers some wonderful films, popular to lesser known, check it out.

Here's an insane site of screencaps done by Evan Richards.


BY John Nevarez filmbytes

Other screencap sites:
anime backgrounds
movies in color
film grabs


Unknown said...

Hey Steven
These are really awsome. Some of the movies you posted are some of my favorites. I'll keep checking back.

samacleod said...


Ian Worrel said...

Sweet, this is awesome. Inspiration nation with Steve M.

Kelly said...

What a cool idea. It's so easy to get caught up when I'm watching good movies, and not study them like I should. Thanks for the help!

pbcbstudios said...

This is on my new favorite blog lists -

Thanks for sharing all these screen grabs.

Grant said...

Great! Thanks so much. I love doing the same. Thanks for sharing yours.

Andre Barnwell said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have no idea how much I appreciate the time (no matter how compulsive) youve taken to share these with everyone. From someone who likes to watch films youve really opened my eyes to what I take for granted that goes by frames a second. This is really a gift man and the best blog ive come across.

MANDREWS said...

thats a lot .... A LOT... of shit to post man. some great some good some okay some thpppthhh. you are screen grab crazy aren't you. have you seen Perfume yet? you should and you should screen grab that. awesome cinema.

Mandrews out

Matt Jones said...

Dude, are you posting from the FUTURE?! The post date says Jan 1st 2009!! Anyway, great blog-LOTS to trawl through. I recently created a similar blog -

samacleod said...

Haha, no, yeah I just put that date on there so that it'd stay at the top of the blog. Amazing blog you got by the way. Hope you keep adding to it.

Matt Jones said...

link away!

Vincent Gorman said...

I love this blog, any chance on any Kubrick films showing up here?

s.p. shirley said...

This blog is awesome. I love screencaps. May I suggest you screencap "The Fall" by Tarsem maybe?

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Thanks for your postings! This is a great blog.

Balaji Santhanam said...

Thanks a lot for sharing Steve.


Enis said...

Really great blog. Very inspiring! I also have lot of screen shots from various movies that you didnt upload here, if you want I could send it to you. My email is:

Karel said...

Ha! Steve, I'll probably link to your site in the future. I use screenshots all the time for my Story Analyses (

What software do you use? Do you ever manipulate the image before posting?



samacleod said...

Hey Karel,

I just do screencaps. Whatever standard screencap/printscreen comes with the computer.

I don't manipulate the images, I do crop them, as you'll see, some of the images have the apple logo in the bottom right because I screencapped a trailer from their site.

Jelter said...

i agree with other people's statements that it's hard to pay close attention to the shots while watching the movie. thanks for putting this together!

Katy Hargrove said...

What a great blog! Thank you.

Abraham Martinez said...

This is Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Philippe Gaulier said...

Great blog!!
Not quite sure about the date though... wait!! McFly is that you??!!!

Edwin Rhemrev said...

Just thought I'd drop in and let you know how much I appreciate your blog. It's a great source for inspiration when looking for moods or layouts, I've even started doing screenshots while watching a movie aswell,defenitely a great way to sharpen composition skills!

-Edwin Rhemrev

Elz said...

Hi Steven,
Nice post!

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Jennica Vue

Jason Scheier said...

Your the man...... Just sayin

Houston Hsieh said...

greatly appreciate your kind and unselfish sharing. you're totally the man!!